The anytime shelf

No recipe today.

This is an idea I got from a local dietician.  It literally changed our lives. Designate a shelf in your fridge as a place where your children can go to get food whenever they want. Create snack bags with appropriate portions of food. Refill once or twice a week as necessary.

Fast forward to now and we have a stocked anytime shelf all the time.  We’ve also adapted the idea to have individual snack packages of crackers, pretzels, and other things ready to go in the pantry.  Kidlet knows that he can have one thing from the pantry per day.  He also knows that he can have things from the “anytime shelf” whenever he wants.

Anytime shelf:

Cheese sticks, both string cheese and cheddar



Baby carrots

Yogurt drinks

Apple sauce packages

Homemade chicken nuggets

Natural beef sticks

Sliced pepperoni

Anything else your kids like

Hint: I really like the stand-up snack bags at Target.  They are called “Up and Up Portion Packs”.  They are basically the size of a Ziploc snack bag, but they zip on the short side and stand up.  They are great for kid snacks because a) it slows them down b/c it’s harder to get the food out, and b) they are less likely to spill.




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