Make-ahead Individual Freezer Cheeseburgers

So you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “Wait, that’s not low-carb and it doesn’t look wheat free either…”

Sometimes I want something that I can throw in the microwave when the babysitter is coming.  I used to buy the frozen cheeseburgers by a popular company that sells diet food.  They come in packs of 6 and they cost something like $8 for 6.  Let’s just call those “WW frozen burgers.”  While they don’t have terrible ingredients, I did decide one day that I could do a better job of making them myself.  You see, I really like to control the ingredients in my cooking and would prefer that things only contain ingredients that we can all pronounce. And so my individual freezer cheeseburgers were born.

I’ve written a few blog posts now, so you’ve probably seen me list Wildtree ingredients in my recipes.  If you’re wondering what Wildtree ingredients are, check out for more information.  I like them because they don’t have any fillers or weird ingredients.  The one common complaint is that the final dishes need a little extra salt.  Remember that salt is not your enemy if you eat mostly unprocessed food. In fact, I have to eat extra salt everyday or my blood pressure can be too low.  That happened to me after I stopped eating crackers, cookies, and other processed food a few years ago.

I’ll put together a “top ten” list of common Wildtree ingredients that I use in a few days.

Make-ahead Individual Freezer Cheeseburgers

  • Servings: 9-12
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 2 lbs organic ground beef.  I prefer getting ground beef from a local butcher that grinds the meat in the store.  If you don’t have a place like that near you, go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.  I’m a huge fan of a Trader Joe’s trip when I’m making a bunch of freezer meals.
  • 1 tablespoon Wildtree Rancher Steak Rub.  If you’d like to place an order, please contact me. You can also use a good all-purpose, low-sodium seasoning like Mrs. Dash.
  • 1 tablespoon Wildtree Natural Grapeseed Oil or other grapeseed oil.
  • 1 package small burger buns.  My son likes both the Trader Joe’s pull apart square dinner rolls and the Pepperidge Farm Potato Slider Buns.
  • 1 package organic cheese slices.  I like the ones from Trader Joe’s, but Whole Foods 365 brand also has some organic cheese slices.

sliced-cheese tjs

Cooking day directions:

Preheat the oven to 375F and grab a 9×13 cake pan. Mix the ground beef, seasonings, and oil in a large ziploc bag.  Don’t mush it around too much or the meat will get tough.  Press the meat mixture into the cake pan and put in the oven.

Cook for about 6-10 minutes until the temperature reads 145F on a meat thermometer. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Set up a work area and begin assembly.  When I’m using smaller buns, I have to fold the cheese over to make it fit. I simply fold all the corners in so that they meet in the middle. Flip the meat out onto a large cutting board and cut it up so that it will fit into the buns.  The exact number of burgers you get will depend on the size of buns that you are using. Assemble the burgers with meat and then cheese on top.

Wrap them individually using plastic wrap, and then place in a Ziploc gallon freezer bag.  Using a sharpie, label with content name and date.  (I’ll be blogging about my freezer meal inventory soon, and will add a link to that when it’s complete.)

Reheating directions:

Simply place one cheeseburger (unwrapped!) in a microwave-proof bowl and cover with a damp paper towel.  Microwave on 70-80% power for about 45-50 seconds, flipping half way through.  Top with ketchup (or “catsup” if you want to annoy my son) and any other desired toppings. In our family, ketchup is the only condiment allowed on a burger. Enjoy!

Meat thermometer…

I’m a huge fan of having a good meat thermometer.  In fact, it’s one of the few kitchen gadgets, other than a good chef’s knife, that I think everyone should own.  This is the one that I own and I absolutely love it. I’ve had it at least 6 years and it’s still going strong.  Thermoworks RT600C Super-Fast.


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