Wildtree Top-Ten List

No recipe today. This is a list of Wildtree spices that I don’t think I could live without.  I was introduced to Wildtree last September when a friend invited me to a Wildtree tasting at her house.  I had no idea what Wildtree was, but it sounded fun and we’d just moved here in July, so why not?  Who knew that this was an event that would fundamentally change the way I cook.

Fast forward to now and I’m a rep for Wildtree (I’m in it for the discount) and cook with the spices and oils almost daily.  I just hosted my first freezer-meal workshop. If you’re wondering what the heck a freezer-meal workshop is, it’s basically like Let’s Dish or Super Suppers but in someone’s home.  The beauty of doing the protein shopping and prep yourself is that you completely control the quality of the ingredients yourself.  So, a few weeks ago, ten women came to my house and assembled freezer meals. Each meal feeds about four people, but we’ve found for our family of three that we get leftovers out of some meals that are enough for all of us. The workshop took about 90 minutes (actually, a little longer because there was lots of conversation and wine) and everyone went home with 10 freezer meals for their families. One person split the meals and so took home 20 meals for two people.  We did Comfort Foods, but there are tons to choose from.

So, here is my Wildtree Top Ten list.  You’ll see that my blog recipes often rely on these ingredients.  I always provide a substitution that’s a non-Wildtree item, so don’t feel compelled to order these. I’m just letting you know about these so that you can explore if you want.

Top ten list:

I don’t try to sell people on these spices because once you try them, they sell themselves. To your good health, I say.


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