Meal planning tips for a Sunday

It’s Sunday and that means meal-planning day.  We aren’t doing a large Easter thing today. I’m going to focus my energy for a few hours on getting ready for the week and planning out dinners for tonight, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I think sometimes people feel overwhelmed by meal planning because they think you have to do a ton of it at one time. Just start small and work your way up. I only feel like planning half the week right now, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

For me, the proteins are always easy because I do freezer cooking. If there is a day that I’m not prepared for, we simply grab a rotisserie chicken. Since today is planning day but not a giant cooking day, I like to think about pouring my energy into one or two side dishes that will do double duty for me during the rest of the week. For side dishes during the week, most of the time I simply match the veg cooking style with that of the main dish. I am low carb and B and D aren’t, so that just means I cook one additional veg for them that I don’t eat.

Here is my plan for today and the first half of the week.

Today: make chicken/vegetable soup for lunches. I will make mashed cauliflower, some for tonight and extra knowing that I’ll be making a shepherd’s pie some day this week. I’ll probably cook up the ground beef and assemble the shepherd’s pie for Tuesday. I might also assemble some tortellini/meatball freezer meals for Dylan, since that’s been his favorite meal lately on “choice night”.

Here are planned meals:

Sunday: steamed veg (carrots, broccoli, and green beans) + rotisserie chicken + mashed garlic cauliflower.

Monday: Weather is forecasted to be nice, so I’ve already pulled out the freezer meal for Wildtree best burgers. With this we will have grilled veg. (zucchini, asparagus, and bell peppers). Organic frozen fries for hubby and child.

Tuesday: GF, DF, EF shepherd’s pie with mashed cauliflower topping… Steamed veg (carrots, broccoli, and green beans).

Wednesday: Wildtree Lemon Rosemary chicken + roasted veg. (turnips, brussels sprouts). Hubby and child get roasted potatoes and carrots.
I’ve already pulled my two freezer meals out for tomorrow and Wednesday and put them in the “meat bucket” in the fridge. See picture… Basically it’s a plastic container that is big enough to hold the normal-sized meat containers from grocery stores. Mine is Sterilite and I found it at Walmart.  Our rule around here is that we have to think about meals every Sunday. I’m not allowed to buy fresh meat while there is something in the meat bucket, unless it’s something that I plan to prep during the first half of the week.

Today I will be buying ground beef and various vegetables. I was considering having the shepherd’s pie on Wednesday, but just rearranged so that I cook the meat today and we eat it on Tuesday. I didn’t want that much time to go by with the dish sitting in the fridge. I’m about to hit send on my Instacart list, but I’m just going to a mental run-down of needed staples in addition to the meals that I have planned through Wednesday.  I just added yogurt drinks, sandwich bread, kefir, red wine vinegar, and some other things to the list…

Please post your recipe planning advice/tips.  And if anyone finds a modern version of this wonderful thing featured on Downton Abbey, please let me know!




2 thoughts on “Meal planning tips for a Sunday

    • Thanks! I really like being in control of the food we eat, so it helps to have plans in place. When we don’t have plans, we spend way too much money and eat mediocre food.


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