This little blog is finally seeing the light.  My husband has been bugging me for years to write down my recipes.  You see, I can’t seem to follow one without changing at least one thing.  So, I give up.  I’m going to write things down.

About me…  I live in Colorado with my wonderful husband and darling 7-yr-old son.  We moved from Virginia last year to be closer to family and get away from the hectic East Coast. We love it here.  I work full time and need to get healthy dinners on the table quickly at the end of a busy day. Many days, dinner is on the table just before we zip off to karate or swimming or whatever else we have planned.

So here’s the thing… I love to cook but just don’t have time during the week.  I’ve just discovered Wildtree spices.  And I’m a devoted Ideal Protein diet believer in the process of losing 20lbs.  I dabble with once a month cooking.  I don’t claim to know everything.  I’m not officially a nutritionist or dietician.  I don’t pretend to be one.  I do eat gluten free and I learned at the end of last year that I’m allergic to eggs.  I didn’t have symptoms per se, but I feel so much better now that they’re out of my diet completely.  I guess I never realized how many gluten-free products have eggs in them. The intersection of those two things has proven to be detrimental to my food choices. It’s almost a blessing in disguise, though, because it really does cut down on the variety of junk that I can eat. I do love dairy, so you’ll see dairy in some (but not all) of my recipes.

I will figure out this wordpress thing as I get going, I guess, but my plan is to label things so that everyone can filter and find recipes that work for them.

Welcome to my adventure…  I hope you enjoy reading (and hopefully trying!) some of my recipes and learning how I make healthy, organic meals with the help of Wildtree, some simple planning ahead, and a tiny bit of free time.


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    • I actually never knew until I did a blood test for 96 most common food allergens. Came back really high for both egg whites and egg yolks. Once I gave them up, I started feeling so much better.


  1. Thank you for the follow, Kathryn. From the comments above, I can tell you have attracted some kindred spirits. My recipes come from my mother and grandma who are Lancaster County (Pa) Mennonite cooks. Do visit often.

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  2. Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. It means a great deal for a newbie like me. I love it when people like you turn their adversities into a story to inspire others. Thanks and will certainly be looking in on you. Love….

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  3. Thank you so much for following my blog and giving me a chance to discover yours. Your recipes look delicious! 🙂


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